Marbles/Turley Jpk every day carry knife

Marbles/Turley Jpk every day carry knife


Marble’s / Turley Jet Pilot Survival knife Everyday carry

This one is part of the Americana series I occasionally do where I use an old factory blank to make a complete knife. It is a factory second blade blank of a Marble’s Jet Pilot Survival knife, probably from the 1960’s era. It has the Marble’s Gladstone Michigan mark on one side and the Turley mark on the other. It is shortened from it’s original length because it had a warp in it from the factory, which is why these blanks were offered for sale so many years later after the Marbles factory closed. they were seconds left behind. So I made it into a cool little EDC knife by heat treating it (as 1095 since that’s what Marbles used mainly in this era, but I’m not positive that’s what it is) and putting a guard and handle on it.

I’ve discounted the price from a usual hidden tang price because I screwed up when gluing up the handle, I didn’t see it had moved making the brown stripe on top and bottom move out of line with the spine. It’s only cosmetic but it’s still a mistake. Hence the discount. I figure it’s too good of a knife and historically awesome to just throw it out, so here it is. Hope you dig it.

Here's the options on this one:

Original Marbles JPK with Turley handle

5/32” (probably 1095 and heat treated as such but I’m not sure)

Nickle silver half guard

1/4 height convex grind (this is an old school convex grind, no secondary edge. This type of grind will have “ghost marks” (fine sanding grit marks) visible on the bevel in certain light conditions, especially near the edge. This comes from the technique used to sharpen a convex grind. )

Fuller on both sides

Old School Saw teeth (use them as a wood file or just admire them for their awesomeness)

Jade g10 and natural canvas micarta handle

Natural micarta and stainless spacers

nickel silver threaded pommel (do not hit this pommel with anything but your hand, it is not made for it and may break)

blade length about 3 3/8”

handle length about 4 1/8”

Comes with a Turley Protect-o-plate. No sheath. 

This one has a “maker’s defect” warranty but no other warranty since I don’t know for sure what the steel is, how it was treated before I received it and because I can’t get original 1960 Marble’s JPK’s at the knife supply shop. Just use it as you would a regular knife and it should last for generations.

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