Atomic #4

Atomic #4


This is the 4th Atomic Knife I've made. I never say never but I absolutely doubt I'll ever make another like it.

It's a very difficult and fiddly grind to reproduce. So if you want one like this, this is the one to get. The only one.  It's marked 

on the off side with "AK  4", which means Atomic Knife # 4. This knife is about the size of an Arghandab river neck knife. 

It was raining when I took the pictures so there are some water drops on the knife. 

Here's the specs on this one:

Atomic knife #4

Blade length about 3 3/4"

Handle length about 3 3/8"

3/16" 01 tool steel, saw teeth, fullers, serrated main edge, black Kirinite scales, stainless steel pins.Because 

the handle is pinned instead of bolted there is no warranty on the handle. The blade itself is under

full warranty. 

Comes with a Turley Protect-o-tag. No sheath. 

Insured, Priority shipping in the US or to an APO is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE

Shipping outside the US is available. Once you click the "buy" button I will get an email with your address.

I will email you back with an invoice for the remainder of the shipping rate. You can decline if it's too expensive and I will

put the item back up for sale and refund your money. Please know that shipping anywhere outside of

North America is expensive. You can figure a minimum of $50.00 and a maximum of over $100.00. 

If the item is shipped to the state of Missouri then 7.975% sales tax will be added after check out.

I will invoice you the tax amount shortly after you purchase the item. Politicians need more of our money to waste I reckon. 

 I use no jigs or helpers. My knives are not perfect by any means, if you’re looking for
perfection then I urge you to choose another maker. I don’t want to run business
away but I also want you to get what you expect. You must be 18 years of age or older to buy from Turley Knives.

By buying, you certify that the product in question is legal to ship to your address. No returns accepted for anything

obvious in the pictures and noted in the information of the sale. 

Thanks for looking!

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