Babe Multi-tool flint striker 02

Babe Multi-tool flint striker 02


Babe multi-tool serial number 02 (stamped on the off side of the handle).

Here's the options on this one:

3/16” o-1 tool steel

axe grind (this is an old school convex grind, no secondary edge. This type of grind will have “ghost marks” (fine sanding grit marks) visible on the bevel in certain light conditions, especially near the edge. This comes from the technique used to sharpen a convex grind. )

 Warrantied against maker’s defect

Comes with a matching number Protect-o-Plate   

serial number 02 (also stamped on the off side of the blade)  

Overall length about 2 5/8”

The Babe, so named because it’s a small (baby) double bit axe (in style but not in use). It’s named after Paul Bunyan’s loyal blue ox, because why not? heh. I love the old Paul Bunyan stories from American folklore.

It’s made to primarily be a flint striker and it’s hardened for that task specifically. Which means it’s very, very hard. It has to be in order to throw sparks when struck against flint. So don’t go tying it to a stick and using it like a mini axe, it WILL shatter. Plus it would be a pretty poor axe because of the size.

It has a few other uses. One obvious one is that it is a knife. Use it for skinning small game, cutting cordage, general cutting task. The hole in it is 3/8” which is large enough to fit most arrow shafts, and you probably guessed why. That because you can use it to straighten arrow shafts over the fire. The last use is that you can use it to strike your firesteel. Use the back of the tool (the straight part), it’s ground to 90 degrees and will throw good sparks off of a firesteel.

Comes with a Turley Protect-o-plate, numbers matching the blade.  

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