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Attention: This is only a list. Meaning there is no commitment from me or you to keep the order you placed. You can email me at any time to be taken off. I may never complete this list, someday I may scrap the whole thing if need be. This is why I don't charge a deposit. 


last updated 07/11/18


Here's how the contact list works.

As the name implies this is a promise to contact list. I'll put you on the list with the understanding that I honestly have no idea when I'll get to your order(s). It's just a list for me to go through and contact you when your name rolls around in the natural order of things.


contact list

matt o (is go)

shawn m (is go)

seth p (is go)

jospeh w (is go)
ed b (is go)

Peter p (is go)

Scott t (is go)

Chad s (is go)

Jeremy b (is go)

Will T (is go)

Connor j (go)

Connor J (go)