Wait list closed at this time

Attention: This is only a list. Meaning there is no commitment from me or you to keep the order you placed. You can email me at any time to be taken off. I may never complete this list, someday I may scrap the whole thing if need be. This is why I don't charge a deposit. Also, I have no idea how long it will take to get to your order, if I ever do. I'll try but I can't promise because I don't know what life will bring in five or six days time let alone five or six years. That's the likely wait time to the end of the list. At least. 

This shows my current progress on the contact list and what spot you are in. This way you can come here and check anytime you like. I'll update it with every batch I complete and try to remember to write down when it was last updated.

 "On deck" means I'll be contacting you soon to see if you're still good to go on you order.

I will contact you about your order a week or two (or four) in advance to see if you're still in and at that time you can tell me what your final order is. 

If you don't see your order here and it's supposed to be give me a holler. 

One last thing I should mention. This being merely a list of names with no order numbers I have no good way of finding one individual name on the list. So if you contact me and ask where you are on the list or if you're on the list, please know that I'm not being rude or unconcerned when I say "I don't know". Truth is, I really don't and it would take me a very long time to find it. With that in mind, if you email me to get on the contact list definitely keep the reply email I send. At least that way you will know you're on the list for sure.

last updated 11/20/17


Here's how the contact list works.

As the name implies this is a promise to contact list. I'll put you on the list with the understanding that I honestly have no idea when I'll get to your order(s). It's just a list for me to go through and contact you when your name rolls around in the natural order of things. When I do contact you, you can order up to five knives (and possibly custom gear) if you like. When I contact you I will ask what you'd like and then give you the current price and wait time. You can then tell me "yes let's do it" or "no thanks". There is no obligation on your part to keep your spot. There is no money up front. You only pay once the item is finished and I send you pictures. 

You can order up to five knives. If you're a returning customer then you get 5% off your order(S).

Please understand that in most cases each item must be paid for as it is completed, even if you have more than one item on order. For example if you order five knives, the first knife will be made (possibly two at once) and then payment will be due. I'll send those two knives and then start work on the next knife. etc. I know that's a hassle because shipping charges can add up for you but I can't afford to make five high dollar knives and then have someone not pay. Like most of the world it's an unfortunate fact that I also live paycheck to paycheck for the most part. 
However if you don't like that you can simply spread your orders out over time. Once you make your first order you are then eligible to contact me at any time for your next order. I will bump your order as close to the top of the list as possible and let you know the wait time.  Thanks for looking! 



contact list
eric m (go for take off)

josh l (go for take off x2)

mario s (go for take off x2)

M haque (go for take off x4)

josh o (go for take off)

anthony s (go for take off)

joshua r  (go for take off)

steve e (go for take off)

michelle q (go for take of)

peter p (go for take off)

justin jay c
rick l
sean e
joe d
kevin k
michael f
remko k
Tom c
seth p

jeff def
scott m
Joseph w
kyle m
darin k
chris l
scott t
james m

jesse s
neal q
rocco r
matt o

caleb a

jake lo
raymond g
jd m
justin k

Heahter S
brian c
Chris m
Adam h
tod h
luke m
britt p
nikki o
chad s
dan k
ed b
jeremy a
dave g
nathan t
damian s
luis fgm
ant s
kelly t
bob m
adam d
adam h
gene w
little d
michele q
chris j
jonathan s
carl andy r
jeff l
jason d
danny n
brandon j

john mi
noel d
Chris l
Dave C
William J
doug p
thomas c
brandon j
erik z
todd g
mark g
kyle w
ryan h
peter w
clint b

charlie c

jim r g
kevin s
sam b
Guojin k
Steve VH
Dave A

MIke r

David s 

colin r

max r

andrew b

chris d

Bj t

john c

michael m

jake s

william p

johnathan r

will f

taylor v

hans b 

Wonka z

Jordan r 

Jason t

Wayne l

Brandon m


dan s

travis w

mark r

victor n

don b

nick h

ron h

jake h

joel s

peter r

joshua s
will c
chris g
drew d
robert h
neil w
colten L
trevor g
stephen w
randy m

Ed L

Tom D

Jon C

David C

Gordon S

Seth J

Chris F

Theo M

Sam M

James S

calvin w

tom m

brett a

david o

shaun g

peter a

ruben o

John H

Craig c

Ancil B

Nick s

Eric g

Joe ro

Geoffrey b

robert w

shawn m

emanuel g