The 5 knife deal

What's the five knife deal?

It means you can order up to five knives per year. 

Who is eligible for the 5 knife deal?

Anyone currently on the wait list or anyone who buys a knife from the store. 

How does the 5 knife deal work?

If you're on the wait list: When your spot comes to the top of the list and I contact you ready to start your order, you become eligible to order up to five knives. You can order them all at once or you can spread them out over a year's time. However you prefer. Just contact me when you're ready for your next order and I will put it as close to the top of the list as possible. In other words, you won't have to wait five years to get your next order. Typically it's about a three or four month wait. That's it.  A year after your last order you can do it all over again if you want. Five orders per year or per turn if it takes longer than a year for you to order all five. 


If you buy a knife from the store: It's pretty much exactly the same. Once you buy a knife from the store you then become eligible for the five knife deal. See above for particulars if you skipped that part.


Please understand that in most cases each item must be paid for as it is completed, even if you have more than one item on order. For example if you order five knives, the first knife will be made (possibly two at once) and then payment will be due. I'll send those two knives and then start work on the next knife. etc. I know that's a hassle because shipping charges can add up for you but I can't afford to make five high dollar knives and then have someone not pay. Like most of the world it's an unfortunate fact that I also live paycheck to paycheck for the most part. 
However if you don't like that you can simply spread your orders out over time. Once you make your first order you are then eligible to contact me at any time for your next order. I will bump your order as close to the top of the list as possible and let you know the wait time.  

This is not a contract. You are free to not order all five knives or any knives for any reason. I am free to not make all five knives for you or any knives for any reason. Having said that though, things usually go smoothly and everyone is happy. 

Thanks for looking!