Every Turley knife comes with a Protect-o-plate. This is a separate plate with a coded tag attached to it. Embedded in those codes is all the information about your knife. When it was made, the model number, serial number, options etc. Use this information below to decode your plate.  

Model (M)-

 Numbered 01 through 27. See catalog for model numbers. (example: A Gasconade River code would be M01, A Thunderbolt would be M14, a Thunderbolt with Gasconade blade would be M1401)

"XX" code designates a prototype

Specials (knives not in the catalog)will be labeled as “M” followed by their name initials. As follows: Black Water= Bw, Osage river= OR, Osage River Daweese= ORD, Lamine river= LR, Turley branch= TB, Moniteau creek= MC, Little Tebo= LT, Current river= CR, Moreau River= MR, Moon creek= MOC, Burris Fork= BF, Little Piney= LP, Big Piney= Bp, Dogwood= DW, Cooper's Creek= CC, Boone's branch= BB, Soldier River= SR, Wilson's creek= WC, Niangua river= NR, Grand river= GR, Huzzah creek= HC, etc.

Any unnamed specials will be coded as “MS” and will have no serial numbers.

Month/Year –

Example March 2016 would be 0316

Steel type (st) –

01=A, 5160=B, 15n20=C, 154cm=D, 1095=E

Steel thickness –

 3/32”=1, 1/16”=2, 1/8”=3, 5/32”=4,

3/16”=5, 1/4”=6, 3/8”=7

Steel code example- 1/4” 5160 would be STB6

Grind (Gr)

¼ height=A, ½ height=B, ¾ height=C, Full height=D,

Varied=E, Reverse Varied=F, Fullers=G, Commando=H, near full height=I Whip grind=J

Spine (SPN)-

 Plain=1, Shaving notch=2, Sharp top edge=3,

False top edge=4, Small saw teeth=5, Large saw teeth=6,

Set saw teeth=7,Pyramid saw teeth=8, Triangle saw teeth=9 serrations=10

Blade Finish (BF)

Heat treat scale left on=A, Entire blade sanded bright=B, Sanded bright flats=C, Duracoat flats=D

Spacers (SP)

Thin=1, 1/8”=2, 1/4”=3, Sandwich spacers=4. To be followed by color code. See below.

Handle or scales (H)-

Note: Air Assault knives will have no handle code. Being an Air Assault it is assumed it will have a hollow handle.

Handle types- B=Bone, BU=burlap, FS=fleetside, FSD=fleetside deluxe, G1=G10 laminate, Jg=jigged, K=kirinte, MC=canvas micarta, ML=linen micarta, MP=paper micarta, P=plexiglass, RE=resin, SS=sport side, SW=stabilized wood, ST=stag, TE=tesla burlap, W=non stabilized wood, WW=war wood

Handle and spacer color codes-

B=blue, BL=black,BLR=black lip resin, BO=bone, BOK=bog oak, BR=brown, BRA=brass,  BW=barbwire, CAM=camo, CCS=carbon color shift, CM=caramel, CO=copper, EC=earth coyote, G=green, GD=golden, GO=gold, GR=gray, GID=glow in the dark, HD=honey dew, J=jade, MB=maple burl, MN=mint, MW=muddy water, N=natural, NS=nickel silver, OD=olive drab, ODC=olive drab camo, OL=olive wood, OR=orange, OS=osage orange, PDK=padauk, PL=plaid, R=red, SF=sea foam, SG=sand ghost, SO=quarter sawn oak, SS=stainless steel, TO=tortoise, TOX=toxic green, TU=turquoise, TS=thunder storm, W=white, WA=white ash, WL=walnut, Y=yellow, Z=zircote


Guard (G)-

 Half guard=H, Full guard=F Reduced=R Followed by material code.

(See pommels below for material code)


(BO followed by material code)Reverse bolsters = RBO

Pommel (PO)-

 Steel=1, Nickel silver=2, Brass=3, Copper=4, Aluminum=5 Micarta=6, G10=7, Antler=8, Exposed pommel=9, bolt=b, castle bolt=cb

Bolts (Bt) or Pins (P)-

Stainless=SS, Brass=BRS, Copper=CO,BL=black,

Fish Eye=FE, Black=Bl, Brown=BR, Mixed=MX

Warranty Handle (WH)-

 0= No warranty, 1= standard, 2= limited

Warranty Blade (WB)-  

Standard =1, Combat=2, Hunting= 3, Light use =4,


Sheath (S)-

Leather=L, Leather coffin=LC, With pocket=P, Leather cloth covered=LCC (followed by cloth code: Multicam=1, Advisor=2,

Tiger stripe=3, OD green=4), Art work= A, Kydex=K, Kydex Coffin=KC,

Kydex coffin cloth covered=KCCC (followed by cloth code),

Right hand=RH, Left Hand=LH, Horizontal=H

Serial number: 

This will be located at the bottom of the protect-o-plate. Knives are serial numbered within their model number. For example if you have a Thunderbolt with the serial number 18, then it is the 18th Thunderbolt made.  ("00" indicates a prototype)