Pommel options

Another quick word about handle material. I always recommend man made materials such as Micarta, G10, Resin etc, but I do offer stabilized woods also. Check out the Gallery section of the site to see the many handle material styles available. Also, see the "Warranty and general information" page above for more info.

Pommel plates and Bolt pommels

Aluminum pommel plate example

Aluminum pommel plate example

Steel bolt pommel on a full tang knife

Steel bolt pommel on a full tang knife

Pommel plates are available in: Aluminum, brass, copper, micarta and g10

Pommel bolts are available in: Steel, brass and copper

Pommels are available on many but not all models. Just ask me when you order if you're unsure. 

Pommel plates and bolts are not available on full tang knives that have guards. 

A pommel plate is standard on the M4 Green river, the M13 Timberjack and the M23 Alpha.

Price increase for a full tang knife with a pommel plate or bolt pommel + $250.00. 



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