Warranty and general information

 Prices and options in this catalog subject to change without notice. They are for reference only.

  - Each knife will be slightly different from others of the same model since I make each oneby hand. I use no jigs or helpers. My knives are not perfect by any means, if you’re looking for perfection then I urge you to choose another maker. I don’t want to run business away but I also want you to get what you expect. 
    -Patterns change from time to time in small ways and sometimes I change a pattern completely. Please refer to the gallery and the online catalog sections on the website for any changes.

     -Each knife will come with a Protect-o-plate that will include important information that should stay with the knife if you decide to part with it. On the plate will be stamped a warranty code for both the blade (WB code) and handle (WH code). The uses are defined as follows:

Handle warranty;

0 = Warrantied for maker defect. - This is usually the case for any handles with natural material, stabilized or not. Not warrantied for any natural occurrences of the handle material. Not warrantied for any use outside what the particular knife was made to do. 

1= warrantied for hard use as intended for that knife. Which means knives with pommel plates are warrantied for striking the pommel plate with a wooden mallet or stick. Handles with no pommel plates are not warrantied for this. No warranty exists for hitting a knife on the pommel area that has no pommel plate to protect it. In other words, don't go beating on your unprotected handle with anything.  


 Blade warranty: 

1 = standard- Warrantied for battoning and light prying.

2 = combat- Warrantied for heavy use. Battoning and prying.

3= Hunting- No warranty for prying or batoning 

4 = - No warranty for prying at all (usually due to a fine tipped, thin point) but IS warrantied for batoning.

 -“Batoning” is assumed to be done with a wooden stick. It does not include rock, metal, hammer or your axe or hatchet.
   - No returns for anything stated in the sale ad or for anything pictured in the photographs of the knife in question. Please understand all measurements before buying. Ask any questions you have, I'd be glad to answer them. I want you to get the knife you're expecting.

 - I nearly always recommend some sort of man made material for handles on knives meant to be used. Whether it be micarta, g10 or resin etc. because there is little to no chance of shrinking, swelling or cracking. You just can’t beat it for a hard use knife. 
    But I know that many people (including me) love the beauty that wood offers. In light of that I do offer stabilized woods, bone and horn as a handle option if you so desire it. However, by choosing the natural stabilized option you do so knowing that you assume all risk should the material become damaged or unusable during construction of the knife and if the material should shrink, swell or crack beyond it's 6 month warranty limit. Unstabilized, natural materials have no warranty at all. 

    -In the past I have offered the option of allowing the customer to send in handle material of their choosing to be put on their knife. That option is no longer available due to the fact that despite clear instructions the sent material was nearly always either the wrong size or was not flat, which adds up to a longer waiting list.
  If you would like stabilized wood or some other natural material, please contact me and I will give you links to sites where to buy them. Not because I make money on their sales (I don’t) but because I know these companies sell quality stabilized materials and they will be flat and will require minimum prep work for me to use. When you order your handle material you can send it to me or have the vendor
send it directly to me. If you choose this option please do so several months in advance of your order being made.

If you are a previous customer then you get 5% off any future orders (with some exceptions). You may have to remind me if you don't get it, I've been blessed to have lots of customers and sometimes I forget to check the records. 

Military goes to the front. With some qualifiers. 1. Must be deploying to a combat zone in the near future. (unless you are a pilot or flight crew member. You always qualify, no matter if you're deploying or not.) 2. Must have a combat M.O.S. , be a pilot or flight crew member. 3. Must email me from you official military email account or be recommended by a former military customer. That's it. Give me a holler and I'll get you up near the front.

       (A disclaimer. Please don't think that I value combat M.O.S.s more than non combat. I don't. I appreciate anyone who serves our country. It's just that I have such a large demand (thankfully) that I have to narrow down who I offer the service to. Combat arms and air crew personnel are more likely to need a knife in service, therefore I offer it to them first. )

God bless,


Romans 10:9

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