M1 Gasconade

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The Model 1 Gasconade is the fruit of many lessons learned projects in the woods. If I'm not in the shop, then I'm probably in the woods. So this design was inevitable for me to come to at some point. 

It features a very severe drop that falls to just below the center of the blade. This serves three purposes, it allows for easier drilling with the tip, allows for an easier time gutting and allows you to split wood with the edge of the tip. 

In order to get this massive drop and still have a straight cutting edge I had to compensate by lowering the rest of the knife. It's actually a very comfortable knife to use because of the drop. This knife and the Green river are pretty much the culmination of my own woods experience and reflect best how I use a knife. This knife was the first of the unique Turley designs that most every knife in the lineup displays today. 

Available in hidden tang or full tang configuration

Blade length: About 3 3/4"

Handle length: About About 4 3/8"

Thickness available: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4"

Available in stainless or high carbon steel

Base price:  Full tang- $450.00  

Hidden Tang base price: $800.00


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