2018 Dust Up Meet

Where: Pine Ridge, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri

Here's a link to the google map location

Here' a link to USDA site for more info:

When: June 1st through 3rd 2018

Who's invited: Everyone. Be advised, there will be lots of adults there so adult conversations will be on going. What I'm saying is, this isn't the best place to bring young ones. Or pets. No pets please. We'll have people there from all over the US and maybe even some from other countries. It will be a very diverse group. You'll fit right in.

What's there: There's a vault toilet for men and women. No showers but there is water available out of a hydrant. I recommend bringing your own water, just in case. That's about all that's there

Where do I stay: Wherever you want. It's national forest land so you can camp anywhere you like. There's a small pasture where you can camp in the main camp ground, or you can disperse out and camp in the woods if you like. Or you can stay at a hotel and just come out during the day.

What to bring: Mainly yourself and whatever you usually bring to sustain you. No meals are provided so you're on your own there. If you plan on cooking on site I'd recommend bringing a cook stove. This is a heavily used campsite so wood will be hard to come by. 

Where do I park: There's a small parking lot at the main site. If that fills up there are a couple spots just down the road you can park at. Just holler at someone and we'll pick you and your gear up at the lot and give you a ride to the main site. 

What are we going to do: Hang out mostly. But I hate to sit around, so I plan on maybe offering some classes. If that's not popular then you can go on a hike with me and we'll just have a good time in the woods. Bring a day kit with you. I might even give away some stuff.

How much does it cost: Zero dollars. There's a donation box there at the site you can put a couple dollars in to help maintain it. But that's it. 

I hope to see you there!